Cyber Resilience Voucher for micro and SME businesses

DigitalTechnology has revolutionised the way we do business today, but are you taking the correct precautions to ensure you are using digital technology safely?

Digital Scotland Support

Digital Scotland Business Excellence Partnership is providing the Cyber Resilience Voucher for micro and SME businesses to help them take these basic steps.

Know the risk

Businesses from across different industries and sectors are targeted by cyber criminals on a daily basis for financial gain or to steal their customer data and intellectual property.  Research has shown that although SMEs are among those under threat, they often underestimate their risk.

Last year, more than 60% of SMEs in Scotland experienced a security breach but 65% still think they are not a target. Nearly 40% spend nothing on security.

The average financial cost of a cyber attack for an SME in Scotland is £3,000. However this is just the tip of the iceberg for many with several businesses suffering a seriously damaged reputation, denied access to business critical services such as customer details or their website taken offline denying them access to their sales channels.

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