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The SDP hosts events throughout the year including workshops, seminars and exhibitions to help your business become more competitive when submitting a tender. All our events are free of charge to registered businesses. These training events are tailored to:

  • Level 1
    For companies and social enterprises that have had little or no experience of tendering and would like to become ‘tender ready’. This level is designed to help companies decide if tendering is for them and if so how to go about it.
  • Level 2
    For companies and social enterprises that have some experience of tendering with varying success but would like to become more proficient.
  • Level 3
    For companies and social enterprises with plenty of experience and success of tendering. This level explores potential new markets (including overseas) and capacity building.

Companies are encouraged to self select what training is appropriate to them and this could be from Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. Member SMEs and social enterprises can attend any training event in any partner area.

Check out the Events Calendar to see what’s happening and when our events are taking place.

All of our events are delivered in the traditional classroom style training and digitally by webinar – each course is divided into 3 modules when delivered using digital technology.

Keep an eye on our calendar for more information on Policy Workshops and an Introduction to the new ESPD which will  start in the Autumn.

All events are free of charge if you are registered with us – Register Now.

Click here to watch a short video of our recent Meet the Buyer event in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

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