Training Levels

Companies are encouraged to self select what support is appropriate to them and this could be from Level 1, 2 or 3.

Level 1

This level is designed to help companies and third sector organisations decide if tendering is for them and if so how to go about becoming ‘tender ready’.

Level 2

This level of training and support is for companies and third sector organisations that have had a little experience of tendering and would like to become more competitive.

Level 3

Level 3 is for companies and third sector organisations that have had success in winning contracts but are looking to explore new markets and opportunities within the procurement landscape.

Companies and third sector organisations do not need to stick to one level. They can pick and choose across the levels to suit their own individual business needs.

Member SMEs and third sector organisations can attend any training event in any partner area.

Check our Events Calendar for forthcoming dates.

All of our events /courses are delivered in the traditional classroom style training and also digitally by webinar – each course is divided into 2 modules when delivered using digital technology. We carefully use the same course content for both styles of delivery,  to ensure that you can feel free to choose your preferred style of training.

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