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New Scottish Procurement Policy Note: Implementation of Fair Work First in Scottish Public Procurement (3/2021)

Scottish Procurement has issued a new Scottish Procurement Policy Note 3/2021 detailing the actions of how public bodies can implement the new Fair Work First criteria into regulated procurement processes that commence from 1 April 2021.

New Scottish Procurement Policy Note: Procurement activity during the Scottish Parliament election period (2/2021)

The Scottish Parliament election is on the 6 May 2021. Scottish Procurement has released a new Scottish Procurement Policy Note 1/2021, which states procurement staff need to take careful consideration when conducting business during the formal Scottish election period, which runs from 25 March until 6 May.

Scottish Government announces a new Strategic Framework for a Cyber Resilient Scotland

The Scottish Government has announced a new strategic framework for a Cyber Resilient Scotland. It builds on Scotland's first cyber resilience strategy: Safe, Secure and Prosperous. The new strategy will expand on the achievements of the previous, and address on-going and new challenges. Ultimately, enabling the Scottish Government and it partners to achieve their vision of Scotland thriving by being a digitally secure and resilient nation.

SDP and COVID-19 Procurement Guidance

With most parts of Scotland now back in lock down, SDP have put together this short notice as a reminder of the procurement guidance issued by the Scottish Government in their Scottish Procurement Policy Notice's (SPPN) earlier in the pandemic. There are three main areas of guidance that still remain valid as of 17 February 2021: the on-going support relief that is available for suppliers, how to make the best of procurement resources, and procurement regulations.

New Scottish Procurement Policy Note (SPPN): Taking account of climate and circular economy considerations in public procurement (1/2021)

Scottish Procurement has issued a new Scottish Procurement Policy Note 1/2021, which clarifies expectations with respect to climate and circular economy considerations, aligning recently strengthened climate change reporting duties and current procurement policy and legislation which already requires public bodies to consider and act on opportunities to improve environmental wellbeing.

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