Open Contracting in Scottish Government

Scottish Procurement is developing an Open Contracting Strategy which will help ensure that the public can identify who is delivering government contracts and how well these contracts are performing.


Over the next year Scotland will be a pioneer working with the international Open Government Partnership this will help Scottish Procurement to meet the Scottish Government’s aim to be the “the most open and accessible government that Scotland has had”.

A key component of Open Government, is ensuring that all stakeholders can access the information they need from public bodies in a form that is useful. This allows people to be better informed, encourages participation in government decision making and ensures the public sector is held to account for its policies and spending.

In recognising the importance of open and accessible data, last year the Scottish Government published its Open Data Strategy which sets out a number of national actions which will help to support public sector organisations as they implement their own open data publication plans.

Scottish Procurement’s role

To support the Open Data Strategy, Scottish Procurement will ‎develop an Open Contracting Strategy and publish procurement information in line with international business interoperability standards. This will ensure that the data published is in a format useful to all audiences.

For more information and to find out what is happening when, visit the Scottish Government website

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