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Here you will find a range of information on working with East Renfrewshire Council.

As a registered partner of the Supplier Development Programme, East Renfrewshire Council are committed to providing support to the local business community in the tendering process, ultimately supporting the economic growth for the area.

East Renfrewshire Council’s Supplier Development Programme provides support to East Renfrewshire businesses in 3 main ways:

  • Raising awareness of the opportunities for SME’s from the public sector.
  • Increasing business readiness to tender.
  • Assisting SME’s in accessing tender opportunitiesProcurement surgeries
    Useful Links East Renfrewshire Council – Tender and Contracts – https://www.eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk/article/1948/Tenders-and-contracts
    Online Trading Network – https://www.eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk/OTN https://www.workeastren.co.uk/support-for-business/
    A Guide to Council services for local businesses – http://www.eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=20058&p=0
    Business Loan Scotland – https://www.bls.scot/
    Work EastRen employability team – https://www.workeastren.co.uk/ 

    Tendering within the Council

    Tendering within the council is conducted centrally by the Corporate Procurement team with all tendering requirements being conducted in compliance the procurement legislation, Public Contract (Scotland) Regulations, the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 and the councils’ Contract Standing Orders. A formal quotation process must be followed where the estimate cost for a particular requirement exceeds to a total value of £10,000 for goods and services and £20,000 for works. The quotation process is conducted using the Public Contracts Scotland Quick Quote. In order for a supplier to be invited to participate in a Quick Quote exercise you must first of all register your details on the Public Contracts Scotland website: www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk.

  • Suppliers should also register their details on the Online Trading Network, supplier sign up page of the council website. The Online Trading Network is a database which departments can search when looking for suppliers to invite to a Quick Quote exercise. Please note that this is not an approved list, the list purely acts like an internal yellow pages. Registration is quick and simple with no checks being carried out on the suppliers at this point. Should you be invited to participate in a Quick Quote exercise the necessary checks will be conducted as part of the quotation process.
  • Any departmental requirement in excess of £50,000 for goods and services and £150,000 works will be formally tendered. Low value requirements that are not covered by a contract or framework are procured at department level.

Procurement within the council


Contact Details

Michael McKernan
Business Development Team Leader

Call: 0141 577 3106 / 3325

Email: Michael.McKernan@eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk

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