North Lanarkshire - Business Growth Fund

Financial help is available to businesses through grants and loans. Details of the types of grant and loans available, and the guidelines for the grant funding, can be found on the Council website.

The grant scheme is designed to help small businesses in North Lanarkshire to undertake projects that will enable them to increase sales, employ more staff and take the business to the next level.

Grants can contribute up to 50% towards the costs of the following projects:-

  • Infrastructure Improvement* – expansion, conversion, sub-division or other improvement to the physical infrastructure of business premises. Maximum grant: 50% or £10,000.
  • Capital Expenditure* – outright purchase of plant, equipment or machinery. Maximum grant: 50% or £10,000.
  • Consultancy Support – commissioning of external consultancy services to support the development of a growth project. Maximum grant: 50% or £3,000.
  • Exhibition Support – attendance at an industry exhibition or trade show within the UK or overseas either as an Exhibitor or Visitor. Maximum grant: 50% or £3,000.
  • Training Support – NEW FOR 2016/17 – due to the cessation of Skills Development Scotland’s “Flexible Training Opportunities” training grant programme, NLC has decided to re-introduce a Training Support grant. This NLC grant can contribute towards eligible staff training projects by covering up to 50% of training costs (maximum grant £3,000). Training that is mandatory or statutory/required by law is ineligible, as is training related to compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act and other industrial health & safety legislation.

* Note: for projects involving a combination of Capital Expenditure and Infrastructure Improvement, the maximum (combined) grant award is now up to £20,000.

Eligibility criteria apply both to the types of businesses that can apply and the growth projects we can assist.

For more information please contact the Council’s Business Support Team on 01236 632863

Contact Details

Chris Wond
Enterprise Development Officer

Call: 01236 632860


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