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Introduction to the Scottish Parliament Procurement Service

The Scottish Parliament provides a full procurement service to Parliamentary staff and also assist Members and their staff with many of their procurement requirements.

A substantial proportion of Scottish Parliament resources is spent on goods, services and works procured from third parties. It is therefore essential that it ensures these resources are being procured ethically and with propriety and that value for money is always secured.

There is extensive information and guidance available on the Scottish Parliament Procurement Services page.

Information for Suppliers

Suppliers’ Charter

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) has signed up to the Scottish Government’s suppliers’ charter.  The charter is a joint statement between public sector procurement and businesses to facilitate access to public sector procurement opportunities.

Please note that the actual charter signed by the Parliament has the following variation:

Third paragraph fifth bullet point …”recent experience (normally within the last 12 months, but this will depend on relevant market conditions)”….

In addition to the suppliers’ charter –

Contractors to the SPCB are expected to:

  •  Comply with the laws of its country, and with the ILO conventions that have been ratified by the countries in which it operates particularly in relation to working conditions and the use of child labour.
  • Minimise the adverse impacts on the environment of the goods and services it provides.
  • Support the participation of SMEs and Social Enterprises within its supply chains and for sub-contracting opportunities.
  • Work with the SPCB to identify and assess Responsible Purchasing impacts within its supply chain and, where necessary, achieve improvements.

The SPCB will:

  • Ensure that its procurement policies and procedures are open, fair and transparent and easily accessible.
  • Treat Contractors fairly and without discrimination.
  • Support SMEs and Social Enterprises within the procurement of goods and services.
  • Work collaboratively with Contractors who genuinely seek to promote and implement Responsible Purchasing issues within their own organisation and their supply chain.

Together the SPCB and its Contractors will bring innovation and add value to the provision of goods and services for the Parliament and ensure that value for money is achieved.

SPCB Procurement Policy and Processes

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body

Under the Scotland Act 1998, the SPCB is responsible for providing the “property, staff and services required for Parliament’s purposes”.  This means that the SPCB is the contracting authority with the legal responsibility for the Parliament’s procurement decisions.

Procurement Policy

The SPCB’s Procurement Policy reflects good purchasing practices and should be read in conjunction with the Scottish Procurement Policy Handbook which is mandatory for all Scottish public sector organisations.

Procurement Processes

SPCB procurement processes are aligned with the good practices set out by the Scottish Procurement Directorate and reflect its Procurement Journey. The European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) has been adopted, the Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) portal is used for all contract advertising and wherever appropriate collaboration is undertaken in line with the Public Sector Procurement Reform Programme – to achieve value for money for the Scottish public sector through partnership working between organisations.

Responsible Purchasing

The SPCB responsible purchasing strategy was launched in January 2008 and has helped deliver improvements across each of the 4 main areas identified:

  • Professional standards for purchasing staff
  • Environmental impact
  • Ethical and social issues
  • Small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and Scottish suppliers

As well as continuing to deliver our objectives we utilise The Scottish Sustainable Procurement Action Plan to build sustainable procurement into our corporate culture.

To assist SMEs we would like to bring to suppliers’ attention the Supplier Development Programme and the services it offers.

The Supplier Development Programme offers free tender training and support to help small and medium sized businesses unravel the tender process, improve their bids and win valuable public sector contracts. View its website to find out more.

Information Regarding Economic/Financial Standing

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) uses Creditsafe, an independent provider of online business credit reports, to assess the financial standing of tenderers.  Tenderers are encouraged to review their financial performance on Creditsafe and read information about how data is collected and used prior to submitting a tender.  Information and the opportunity to run a free report can be found at http://www.creditsafe.com/products/business-credit-reports/

If a tenderer does not agree with the credit rating it has been given by Creditsafe it can provide supporting evidence to demonstrate its current position and this will be taken into account when the financial standing is being assessed.

If a tenderer is not listed on Creditsafe, for whatever reason, then it may be asked to submit equivalent accounts to enable the required assessment of financial standing to be carried out.

Tenderers should have a Creditsafe rating of 30 or higher to demonstrate satisfactory financial standing.  If a tenderer has a lower credit rating score and has the backing of a parent company with a credit rating of 30 or higher, then the provision of a Parent Company Guarantee prior to the award of any contract will be acceptable.  If a tenderer has a lower credit rating score and no evidence to support a stable or improved financial standing then the tender may be rejected.

However for high value complex requirements a more detailed method of assessment may be employed, such as requiring specific financial ratios, and if this is the case the detail of minimum ratios will be set out in the Contract Notice.

Current Contract Opportunities, Sub-contract Opportunities and Potential Future Contract Opportunities

Information on current contract opportunities, as well as sub-contract opportunities, and potential future contract opportunities can be found on the Scottish Parliament website.

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