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Here you will find a range of information on working with South Lanarkshire Council.

You can find out what events are coming up in the area, learn about the process for working with the Council and what else is happening in the region.

For more information on other business support available click through to the South Lanarkshire Council website, or contact your our local SDP advisor.

Selling to the council

Tenders, contracts and advice on how to become a council supplier
Procurement and the Council

Business Gateway

Contact your local Business Gateway on 01236 702020 to find out how you can benefit from the services provided under a contract agreement with North and South Lanarkshire Councils. You can also contact your local Lanarkshire office.

The Business Gateway has launched a new app.

Quick, free and easy to use the MyBusiness app for iPhone is packed with useful guides, video tutorials, case studies and a great business planning tool that you can use to schedule and organise all of your tasks and things you need to do to start or run your own business.

For more information and to download please go to the Business Gateway page. An Android version will be available soon

Business support grant guidelines

See Financial help for businesses for details of the types of grant and loans available and the guidelines for the grant funding that is available to companies

Purpose of funding

The purpose of the funding is to help companies that have up to 250 employees by making jobs safe, increasing employment, and increasing turnover and profits. The funded project should help improve the business either by expanding it, making work faster or to a higher standard. You should be able to demonstrate how the project will do this and why you need funding.

Growing your business

Growing your business – South Lanarkshire Council

If you have a company that’s more than two years old, Business Scotland can give you advice and support on maintaining and expanding your business.

See growing your business from the Business Gateway.

Useful Links

Accessing financial help

Social enterprise support

Starting your business

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