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Connecting public and private sector business, Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) is used by all public sector organisations in Scotland, to advertise high value contracts and invite suppliers to provide a ‘Quick Quote’ for lower value contacts.

The Scottish Government has implemented PCS along with various partners to help Scottish public sector organisations adopt standard processes for goods, services and works for a wide variety of contracts.

PCS provides a more consistent tendering experience for suppliers, enabling them to store answers to standard questions. The service also allows public sector buyers to adhere to legislation, policy and procedures and through a standard approach to public sector procurement, it aims to generate savings for the public purse, while meeting the needs of goods, services and works required.

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Supplier Information

Information on the PCS website

PCS - Supplier Finder Profile Guide

To receive a Quick Quote you need to complete and make PUBLIC
your Supplier Finder Profile

PCS - Key points to consider when tendering

Bid or No Bid - that is the question

PCS - Quick Quote Guide

Quick Quote enables buyers to obtain competitive quotes electronically for low value purchases.

Public Contracts Scotland, PCS –Tender & e-Invoicing

Speakers from Scottish Government Procurement explain Public Contracts Scotland & PCS –Tender and also the advantages of eInvoicing for small to medium sized businesses, at the recent Meet the Buyer event in the Royal Concert Hall Glasgow

Forward Plan

The forward plan provides information on potential collaborative opportunities from public sector buying organisations in Scotland which may be advertised over the next 12-18 months. These give you, as a supplier, advance notice of collaborative opportunities that may be offered by the public sector in the future - so that you can plan accordingly.

LIVE FRAMEWORKS For live frameworks, the end date specified is exclusive of any extension period unless otherwise stated

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