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The Single Point of Enquiry (SPoE) is an independent, impartial and confidential service for suppliers to the public sector in Scotland.

SPoE can help you by offering advice on the procurement rules which must be followed by public bodies in Scotland and information on how contracts are advertised and awarded. If you are simply looking for feedback on your bid the first point of contact should be the Buying Organisation.

If you have concerns about a specific tender exercise, SPoE can work with you and the buying organisation to try to resolve your concerns.

Contact the Single Point of Enquiry

Complete the questionnaire to summarise your issue and email:SPOEprocurement@scotland.gsi.gov.uk or telephone 0141 242 5466.

More information of the Single Point of Enquiry

SPoE do not have formal powers to investigate suppliers’ concerns or change decisions made by buying organisations.

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