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SDP Scotland is a partnership of Local Authorities, Scottish Government and other public bodies that works together to bring FREE support in all aspects of tendering to Scottish-based SMEs. A list of current members can be accessed here.

SDP offers a myriad of membership opportunities to buying organisations providing them with access to the SDP network, event management and marketing services helping raising awareness of contract and supply chain opportunities alongside providing training and support.

Affiliate Membership of SDP is open to organisations from the wider public sector.

Trade Association Membership of SDP is open to trade bodies and other types of organisations such as federations and business associations.

Corporate Membership of SDP is open to organisations that, whilst not from the wider public sector organisations, are actively involved in the supply chain and are keen to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, community benefit clauses and local suppliers.

Housing Association Membership of SDP is open to housing associations that want to engage with Scotland's supply base.

Membership of SDP provides:

  • early market awareness and promotion of potential tender/supply chain opportunities;
  • support at the organisation’s tender-related supplier engagement events;
  • additional participation in the organisation’s tender and supply chain opportunities; and
  • assistance to organisations to promote the availability of the Supplier Development Programme’s free procurement training to the organisation’s supply base.

You can download SDP's menu of membership services to consider, and if you are interested in SDP membership, please email Gillian Cameron, SDP Programme Manager, to request a formal proposal.

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