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SDP Scotland is a partnership of Local Authorities, Scottish Government and other public bodies that works together to bring FREE support in all aspects of tendering to Scottish-based SMEs. View a list of current members.

Membership of SDP is a recognised community benefit to the public sector in Scotland.

SDP offers a myriad of membership opportunities to buying organisations providing them with access to the SDP network, event management and marketing services helping raising awareness of contract and supply chain opportunities alongside providing training and support.

Membership of SDP provides:

  • early market awareness and promotion of potential tender/supply chain opportunities;
  • support at the organisation’s tender-related supplier engagement events;
  • additional participation in the organisation’s tender and supply chain opportunities; and
  • assistance to organisations to promote the availability of the Supplier Development Programme’s free procurement training to the organisation’s supply base.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership of SDP is open to organisations from the wider public sector.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership of SDP is open to organisations that, whilst not from the wider public sector organisations, are actively involved in the supply chain and are keen to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, community benefit clauses and local suppliers.

Once you are a Corporate Member of the Supplier Development Programme, you can and should include news of your membership in every tender you write as a fantastic community benefit. And of course, once you’ve joined, our success becomes your success.

SDP Corporate Membership demonstrates your company’s commitment to:

  • Supporting the delivery of key priorities of council and other public bodies, including meeting their Sustainable Procurement Duty targets.
  • Supporting and improving access to sub-contract contract opportunities for SMEs, Supported Businesses, Social Enterprises, Co-Operatives, and the Third Sector as part of awarded contracts.
  • Contributing to Community Wealth Building and circular economy objectives locally.

SDP’s Corporate Membership offer includes:

  • Supplier Engagement – raising awareness of your company and opportunities via our database of 17,500+ Scottish SME third sector/supported businesses.
  • Bespoke Events – hosted webinar sessions promoting your company and how to do business, bespoke sessions for contracts/projects. SDP manages event registrations and data collation highlighting breakdown of company size and location, including post-event feedback collation.
  • Marketing & Social Media – promotion of your projects and potential supply chain opportunities, case studies, and promo through our media channels.
  • Corporate Company Page – on the SDP website with contact details, promoting your business, how to get involved in your supply chain and other news.
  • Exhibition Opportunities – stand and potential speaking slots at our annual Meet the Buyer events and regional events.
    • Meet the Buyer (national)
      • Between 70-125 exhibitors
      • Between 1300-2000 supplier attendance
    • Meet the Buyer North (Highlands and Islands)
      • Between 20-40 exhibitors
      • Between 400-700 supplier attendance
    • Meet the Buyer South (new in 2022!)

Value to Local Authorities and the Scottish Government from SDP Corporate Membership:

  • Business data is collected and measured in one place.
  • Supplier feedback is collected and available to local authorities long after ad hoc events conclude.
  • Outcomes are reported by SDP to all 32 local authorities through independent, open and transparent practices.
  • Your membership of SDP shows how local authorities are meeting the Sustainable Procurement Duty throughout the full procurement cycle, including supply chains.
  • Evidence is published annually via SLAED Indicators Framework, and utilised by SDP in case studies featured in annual reports, procurement plans, Scottish Government briefings and more!

Trade Association Membership

Trade Association Membership of SDP is open to trade bodies and other types of organisations such as federations and business associations.

Housing Association Membership

Housing Association Membership of SDP is open to housing associations that want to engage with Scotland's supply base.

You can download SDP's menu of membership services to consider, and if you are interested in SDP membership, please email Gillian Cameron, SDP Programme Manager, to request a formal proposal.

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