Angus Council Procurement Announces Supplier Relief During COVID-19

Support for key suppliers and grant-supported providers during COVID-19 has been announced by Angus Council. Its newly published Key Supplier Support Guidance sets out how Angus Council will deal with requests for support under contract arrangements from key suppliers and grant-supported providers in response to the COVID-19 emergency and who are at risk because the payment mechanism in the contract no longer reflects the true cost to the supplier/provider.

It was developed with Angus Health and Social Care Partnership and reflects national policy and guidance. This guidance constitutes local arrangements for Angus Council. These are wholly aligned to and mean that the local authority is following and implementing national policy and guidance, including:

Types of Support

Any type of support can be requested which can be achieved by varying the contract. Two examples of the types of support which might commonly be sought are:

1. Reduced planned demand

Fixed contract payments would be based on the actual volume of usage for the week, month or other period. There are no deductions for fluctuation in demand or use.

2. Extraordinary costs

These would compensate suppliers for extraordinary cost increases caused by the emergency which are not reflected in the payment mechanism.

Suppliers are invited to read the guidance notes in full and complete an application form by visiting the Angus Council website.

Resources from the Supplier Development Programme

SDP issued guidance on what SPPN 5/2020 means for suppliers on 30 March 2020. SDP is keen to develop more tools and information to answer suppliers' questions on this SPPN. Please feel free to submit your comments and questions by email at Suppliers are also encouraged to attend free tender training by webinar, which is open to all Scottish SMEs and supported businesses, including staff on furlough.

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