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The Scottish Parliament was established in 1999 under the Scotland Act 1998 to debate issues and make laws for Scotland. It is made up of 129 elected representatives, known as Members of the Scottish Parliament, or MSPs.

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) is the organisation responsible for providing premises, staff, goods and services needed for the Scottish Parliament to operate effectively and to ensure MSPs are able to carry out their duties. All contracts to supply the Scottish Parliament are contracted to and managed by the SPCB. The SPCB is accountable to the Scottish Parliament.


Our Procurement Practices

To make a positive difference to the people of Scotland through adding worth by delivering our procurement services in a responsible, innovative and collaborative manner.

– our vision statement

The SPCB’s Procurement department maintains over 140 live contracts, valued at around £16.5 million per year. Over half our contracts have been awarded to SME’s.

The SPCB is fully committed to achieving value for money in the delivery of our contracts and to delivering our procurement in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our approach to responsible procurement is fully detailed in our Corporate Procurement Strategy.

We are committed to:

  • Challenging ourselves to continue to improve our sustainable approach in our contracts, placing a particular emphasis on fair working practises and human rights issues
  • Fostering a creative environment that promotes and encourages innovation
  • Developing links and relationships to enhance our procurements

Our procurement exercises all follow the Scottish Government’s Procurement Journey, which is complemented by the Supplier Journey. We also use a range of central frameworks, including those developed by the Scottish Government and Crown Commercial Services amongst others.


How can I supply the Scottish Parliament?

Register on Public Contracts Scotland

We advertise all requirements over £50k on PCS, (except framework call-offs). We also use PCS-Tender to manage the procurement exercise for most of these requirements.

Quotes between £5000 and £50k use the PCS Quick Quote facility, which requires organisations to be invited to quote, only organisations which are registered on PCS can be invited.

Check our Future Contract Opportunities and Contract Register

Our Future Contract Opportunities list includes the forthcoming procurement exercises which are anticipated to be conducted over the next 4 quarters. The list includes both Quotes and Tenders excluding any procurements which will definitely be awarded via a central framework.
Our Contracts Register lists all current contracts over £5000. Both lists are updated quarterly.

Get in Touch

We are always happy to hear from potential suppliers, particularly if you are interested in bidding for one of our upcoming quotes or tenders.

For initial enquiries, please email or call 0131 348 6622.


Supplying our Shop and Restaurant

Our visitor shop show cases a range of Scottish goods and crafts. If you are interested in supplying our shop, please contact Alison Begg at

Our Restaurants and Cafes are managed by Sodexo, if you are interested in any subcontracting opportunities please contact Sodexo directly at


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