eLearning with the Supplier Development Programme

Each year, the Supplier Development Programme organises hundreds of training opportunities and engagement events throughout Scotland and online. In addition to giving suppliers the option to engage in training face-to-face or digitally via webinar, SDP now allows 'on demand' training to Scottish SMEs, third sector organisations and supported businesses through eLearning.

If you are a Scottish SME, third sector or supported business, login to your account and click the eLearning button from your menu to access eLearning with the Supplier Development Programme. Please note: eLearning courses do not include the 'full' training materials or experience that a 'live' training course does, and suppliers are encouraged to utilise the full offering through SDP's Events & Training Listings.

If you require more information or support, please contact info@sdpscotland.co.uk.

If you are logged in with an eligible account then you can access eLearning portal, powered by the Supplier Development Programme.

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