Lanarkshire Meet the "Real" Buyer

The Supplier Development Programme has announced the draft agenda for the Lanarkshire Meet the "Real Buyer event to be held virtually on 30 November. The virtual portal and exhibition will be open to all registered suppliers from 9:00am - 2:00pm on 30 November.

If you miss a presentation, many of the presentations listed in this agenda will be available within the virtual portal as "on-demand" videos, with the exception of "live Q&A" sessions as denoted. The final videos will be available on the SDP YouTube Channel following the conclusion of the event, so be sure to 'subscribe'!

The agenda is subject to change at any point, without notice.


Upon Joining the Portal: Welcome from Cllr Heather Brannan-McVey, SDP Chair

9:00am Opening Address

  • Cleland Sneddon, Chief Executive, South Lanarkshire Council
  • Des Murray, Chief Executive, North Lanarkshire Council

9:20am How to Engage with Council Procurement Processes

  • Hosted by: North Lanarkshire Council and South Lanarkshire Council
  • Panel Host: Gillian Cameron - Supplier Development Programme
  • Live Q&A Panel:
    • Chris Gannon - North Lanarkshire Council
    • Jenna Ward - South Lanarkshire Council
    • Audrey Telfer - North Lanarkshire Council
    • David Anderson - South Lanarkshire Council

10:00am How do Local Authorities procure Food and Drink?

  • Hosted by: Laura Muir - Scotland Excel
  • Panel:
    • Jill Bryans - North Lanarkshire Council
    • Joyce Goodwin - South Lanarkshire Council
    • Julie Rooney - Brakes Scotland

10:40am Dedicated Exhibition time

11:30am Using Public Contract Scotland (PCS) and Helping You Bid Better with the Supplier Development Programme

  • Q&A Hosted by: Fran Goldie - Supplier Development Programme
  • SDP Trainer Panel:
    • John Clark - JI Management Ltd
    • Gill Joy - Intend Business Development Ltd
    • Julie Caughey - Caughey Solutions Ltd
12:30pm Dedicated Exhibition time

1:00pm Building for Growth in Lanarkshire: Construction Roundtable with Live Q&A

  • Hosted by: Gillian Cameron - Supplier Development Programme
  • Panel:
    • Margaret Milton - hub South West Scotland
    • Derek Craig - South Lanarkshire Council
    • Ronnie Millar - North Lanarkshire Council
    • Lesley Anderson - Scottish Procurement Alliance

2:00pm Close

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