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The Supplier Development Programme’s Meet the Buyer North 2023 is a one-stop-shop for SMEs to introduce themselves to Buyers in the public sector. So, how can you optimise your time on the day? Follow these steps to prepare in advance for Meet the Buyer North.

1. Do your homework! Consider which Buyers you wish to meet, go onto their websites, read their contract procurement reports, and have a look at their contract registers to see if they buy things that your business offers already – and make a note of the dates these expire. The SDP’s guide to “Who buys what in Scotland?” would be a good starting point, and be sure to do an internet search for a specific Buyer’s Contract Register.

Please note: There will be business support exhibitions at Meet the Buyer North. Though this is a Meet the Buyer event, the exhibitors offering business support aren't there to be 'sold' to, but rather for you to learn what is available to you through business support services. Business support exhibitors will focus on defining what services are offered to you as a business and answering common questions from suppliers, and attendees will be signposted to speak to individual procurement exhibitors for any specific contract enquiries. Questions you might wish to ask include, "What kind of support can you offer me in getting ready for Net Zero?" or "Do you offer any free webinars or training that may be of interest to my company?" or "How can I get support in a particular area of my business?"

2. Prepare an informal verbal introduction of your business and what you can provide or supply to the public sector. If you have questions for a specific Buyer, or about potential upcoming contract, framework or Quick Quote opportunities, make a note of these.

3. Prepare your contact information in advance! The Supplier Development Programme has developed a downloadable template to get you started, or you can create your own. You can also view an example of this SME’s A4 summary as a .pdf document.

4. A few days before, visit the Meet the Buyer North event page on the SDP website. Make a note of which Buyers you would like to engage with, questions you want to ask, and rehearse your informal verbal introduction of your business.

5. On the day, join the queues at the exhibition stands and take a copy of Buyers' leaflets, flyers and information. Buyers are encouraged to display upcoming tender opportunities, business support and other useful information that you can read while you wait.

6. Make a point to connect with other suppliers. Be sure to introduce yourself and "connect" to exchange contact details with other potential suppliers attending the event. (They could become your next customer!)

7. Finally, be sure to register for free tender training with the Supplier Development Programme! Now that you've found out all the information you need on future public sector contracts, why not take the next step and improve your bidding skills with SDP's expert trainers? Browse the free tender training on offer from SDP!

If you have any questions, please contact We look forward to seeing you at Meet the Buyer North!

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