1.2 Using PCS - Dundee City Council Quality Funded Early Learning and Childcare Webinar

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Tuesday 24 November 2020, 6.30-8:00pm

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Are you a provider of early learning and/or childcare services?

Dundee City Council will shortly be opening a framework for Quality Funded Early Learning and Childcare.

In order to support businesses what may have never or have limited experience in bidding for a contract, the Supplier Development Programme will hold a training session by webinar in partnership with Dundee City Council to help you apply and bid for this contract opportunity.

During the evening training session, representatives from Dundee City Council’s Early Years and the Procurement team will discuss the requirements for the tender, and the Supplier Development Programme (SDP) will provide free training on Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) – the service through which you will apply and bid for the tender to deliver the Early Learning and Childcare Services for the Council.  

To prepare, you can access SDP's top tips on how to join a webinar, or alternatively please email info@sdpscotland.co.uk if you have any further questions about the joining process.

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