Helping You Bid Better: examine the SPD Question by Question

"I didn't realise I needed this webinar until I did it; it clarifies a rather murky document and is worth every minute." - Supplier Feedback

Tuesday 27 October 2020, 1.30-3:00pm


The Single Procurement Document (formally known as ESPD) includes questions used at the selection stage of a tender exercise  – to enable buyers to ask questions that will identify suitably qualified and experienced suppliers.  The SPD is the pre-qualifying stage, formally known as the ESPD or PQQ / Pre Qualifying Questionnaire.  This course will look at the questions within the SPD document – to help you to understand what information is required.

During this webinar, suppliers will explore the entire SPD one question at a time, guided by an expert.  You'll also be able to ask questions and receive suggestions to help you fill out this electronic document more successfully in your future tenders.

What do you say about it?

Suppliers who have previously attended this webinar said:

"Both speakers were excellent and knowledgeable. Online discussions can become a bit messy with people talking over each other, however Fran's approach to this is fantastic and her and Kenny bounced off each other really well. An excellent skill, as some discussions can become unbearable as people fight for the mic. Today was seamless."

"I think I enjoyed most just being shown that what I've been doing so far hasn't been too far off. The sections where the questions don't really marry up to the answers required, was interesting. Knowing this, I'll look out for it in future."

"It was useful going through tender process in small bite size slides, highlighting where there might be difficulties and pointing us in the right direction where to look for information."

What's involved in joining a webinar?

You must register for this free webinar in advance by logging in to the SDP website.  To prepare, you can access SDP's top tips on how to join a webinar, or alternatively email if you have any further questions about the joining process.

If you have a query relating to a specific procurement exercise, you should contact the buyer in the first instance. This course is not a substitute for legal advice, which bidders are advised to seek if they have any queries regarding the processes and procedures.

Feedback from people who have previously attended this event. 

"I found it useful they highlighted the types of 'double negative' questions that might be answered incorrectly."

"I found being taken through the tender process in small bite sized slides useful."

"It was great to get some clarification on questions I had struggled with in the past." 

"The content was excellent." 

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