Meet the Buyer North 2019 – Exhibitions (Standard)

  • September 4, 2019
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Bookings are now open for exhibition space at Meet the Buyer North 2019. Your organisation has been invited to book a Standard Exhibition Stand.

Meet the Buyer North 2019

Meet the Buyer 2019 will take place on Wednesday, 4 September 2019. The event will be held at Aviemore Highland Resort, between 10am and 4pm.

Meet the Buyer North 2018 was a huge success with 415 attendees on the day. We received very positive feedback about the event, with 89% of suppliers surveyed saying the event was either good or excellent, and 62% of suppliers said that they would definitely or very likely bid for public contracts after attending this event.

Bookings are now open for exhibition space at Meet the Buyer North 2019.  You are invited to book a Standard Exhibition Stand for £200 + VAT. To reserve your stand, please register no later than Friday 31st May 2019.  By registering for a Standard Exhibition Stand, you confirm that you have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions.

Note: SDP recommends that you have two representatives from your organisation hosting your stand. If you feel that it is necessary, we can accommodate up to four but please note this in “Special Requests” on the booking form.  Only two tickets for representatives can be booked through this online link.

Negotiated Hotel Rate

Please find below details of how to book a negotiated rate for accommodation for Meet the Buyer North. The rate is from £139.00 per night single occupancy dinner, bed and breakfast. Room allocations held will be released on the 15th June.

-promo code MEET

This is the link direct to the website. It has the promotion code loaded, and you just need to search Highlands hotel and the 3-5 September.

You can alternatively call reservations to book on 0344 879 9152.





    In these terms and conditions the terms;

    (i) “Exhibitor” means any person, firm or company who has made application for and who has been granted space in the exhibition.

    (ii) “Exhibition” means the event detailed on the space application form.

    (iii) “Organiser” means the Supplier Development Programme.



    (i) Until both the completed application form AND appropriate payment has been received and accepted by the Organiser, the Organiser has the right without giving notice to the Exhibitor to reallocate the stand space to another exhibitor and the booking will be null and void.

    (ii) Upon acceptance of the space application form AND appropriate payment by the Organiser there shall be a contract between the Organiser and the Exhibitor to which these terms & conditions shall apply.



    To facilitate an effective layout of the Exhibition, the Organiser has the right to locate any stand where it deems appropriate and to make any changes to stand locations as required.


    1. CHARGES

    The Contractual price includes:

    1. 3m x 2m shell scheme and name panel
    2. 6ft table and tablecloth
    3. 2 chairs
    4. Exhibitor lunch and refreshment voucher



    Completion of this booking form indicates the Exhibitor agrees to pay the full amount of £200 + VAT. Once a completed booking form has been received the Organiser will provisionally reserve a stand and raise an invoice. The booking is not considered confirmed until full payment has been received. Payment is due within 28 days. If payment is not received 4 weeks prior to the event a late payment fee may be incurred by the Exhibitor.

    In the case of non-payment of any sum payable by the Exhibitor to the Organisers or of the breach or non-observance by the Exhibitor of any terms or conditions of the Contract, the Organisers shall be entitled to re-enter the space and remove and exclude the Exhibitor without prejudice to the right of the Organisers to recover any monies due under this Contract or under any claim for damages by the Organisers.



    The key objective of the Exhibition is to encourage small to medium sized Scottish suppliers to engage with public sector and to open up the public sector supply chain. As a private contractor, the main goal of the Exhibition is to offer you the opportunity to meet new suppliers who can enter your supply chain and assist you in fulfilling your public contracts. If you wish to network with public sector buyers, we request that you do this during the lunch break; however, we request that at least one person remains on your stand at all times.




    The Organiser shall organise and promote the Exhibition in such manner as it considers appropriate and reserves the right at any time to amend or vary the manner or methods of such organisation and promotion.

    The Exhibitor acknowledges that the Organiser shall not be held responsible for the failure of all or any other contracted exhibitors to attend the exhibition or the failure of any number of attendees to attend the Exhibition for any reason beyond the reasonable control of the Organiser. The name of any exhibitor which may appear on any floor plan or stand number or any statement made by or on behalf of the Organiser that any exhibitor is booked to attend any Exhibition provisionally or otherwise shall not constitute any warranty, representation or undertaking by the Organiser that any such exhibitor shall attend any Exhibition or attend any particular location. Any application for space shall not be conditional on the presence or location of any other exhibitors at the same or any other Exhibition.



    The Organiser at any time, without prior notification, may change the location of the venue, the date, the opening and closing times of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor shall not have any claim against the Organiser in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever consequent upon the Exhibition failing to be held for any reason outside the Organiser’s control or the Exhibition venue being or becoming wholly or partially unavailable for the holding of the Exhibition for any reason. If by rearranging the venue, the period of the Exhibition, the size or location of the stands, postponing the Exhibition or by doing any other reasonable thing the Exhibition can be held, the contract for space shall be binding save that it shall be deemed to be varied to allow for the necessary change in venue, dates or period of the Exhibition, stand size, location or otherwise.



    An Exhibitor shall not be at liberty to cancel or withdraw his application for a Stand once it has been confirmed by the Organisers. Such confirmation will be effective upon receipt of a completed booking form and full payment. If any Exhibitor notifies the Organisers in advance that, owing to unforeseen circumstances he is unable to occupy the Stand allotted to him, the Organisers may, at their discretion, cancel the allotment without prejudice to any claim by the Organisers against the Exhibitor. Should the Organisers succeed in re-letting any such cancelled space they may, at their discretion, relieve the Exhibitor of any part of his responsibility for payment of the vacated space. If any Exhibitor shall fail to pay any sum due to the Organisers or shall contravene or fail to observe any of the requirements of these rules and regulations, the Organisers reserve the right to revoke his allotment of space and to exclude the Exhibitor, his agents and property, at his expense from the Exhibition premises and to re-allocate the Stand space. Such action by the Organisers shall not prejudice any other remedy they shall have against the Exhibitor nor reduce the amount paid or owing by him, the Exhibitor, to the Organisers.

Available Tickets Price Qty*
Exhibitor (Standard) show details + £0.00 (GBP)  / ticket  

* Please note that a maximum number of 2 tickets can be booked for this event.

Event Location

Venue:   Macdonald Aviemore Resort

Venue Phone: 0344 879 9152

Highland Resort, Aviemore, Inverness-shire, PH22 1PN

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