Scotland Excel’s Care & Support Services - National Flexible Framework

Tuesday 15 October 2019, 10.30-11:30am


Currently, Local Authorities in Scotland have separate contracting arrangements for the purchase of these services. Scotland Excel, in collaboration with key stakeholders, is developing a national flexible framework for care and support services.

The development of a national flexible framework is intended to provide a national best practice approach for the purchase of care and support services that will:

Support the continued implementation of personalisation/self-directed support (SDS);
Promote a holistic approach to delivering care and support and focus on the achievement of personal outcomes;
Increase life choices and improve lifestyles for people requiring services;
Assist in encouraging people to self-care/support by identifying and building on their strengths and own capabilities;
Facilitate the provision of innovative approaches to promoting choice and control;
Support people to maintain and/or develop links with their communities;
Promote and embrace the Health and Social Care Standards;
Enhance a collaborative and partnership approach in the market;
Support positive workforce practices such as payment of the Scottish Living Wage (SLW);
Support the use of a range of technology enabled care in the delivery of care and support services;
Ensure equality and human rights for people with different needs across Scotland;
Provide transparency of costs leading to better informed decisions.

In this interactive webinar Scotland Excel’s Edmund McKay, Strategic Procurement Category Manager for Adult Social Care  will talk about their work to design and deliver a care and support framework that’s beneficial for both the people using the services, the providers and local authorities. However the focus will be on how to participate in the framework- including a walk through of how to access the tender documents on PCS-t and more information on upcoming  SDP courses to support you.

  If you are not registered with SDP and would like to participate in this webinar, please email to ensure that you receive a link and joining instructions prior to the event.

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