Annual reports

The Supplier Development Programme issues an Annual Report.

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Annual report 2020/2021

Download our 2020/2021 annual report.

Filename: SDP-Annual-Report-2021-22-final.pdfFile size: 2384KBTags: powerofsdp
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Annual report 2019/2020

Download our 2019/2020 annual report.

Filename: Annual-Report-2019-2020-JP.pdfFile size: 2544KBTags: powerofsdp
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Annual report 2018/19

Download our 2018/19 annual report.

Filename: Annual-Report-2018-2019-JP.pdfFile size: 1814KBTags: powerofsdp
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Annual report 2017/18

Download our 2017/18 annual report.

Filename: SDP-ANNUAL-REPORT-FINAL-DRAFT.pdfFile size: 1988KB
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Annual report 2016/17

Download our 2016/17 annual report.

Filename: SDP-AR-2016.17-FINAL.pdfFile size: 2198KB

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