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What can suppliers expect from Amey at the Meet the Buyer 2023 event on 17 May?

Amey is a leading infrastructure services and engineering company. It offers Secure Infrastructure, Transport Infrastructure and Consulting services across the length and breadth of the UK. Amey works to maintain roads and rail infrastructure, keep schools clean and safe, ensuring safety within courts and prisons, and managing the UK defence estate. Amey is a trusted partner of the Government, at both a local and national level.

Working with Amey provides a unique opportunity for suppliers to support projects that has an impact on every household across Scotland and the UK. Amey is keen to engage with suppliers that can support current and future Frameworks and Projects in Scotland, such as:

  • Highways Maintenance
  • Transport Scotland's Trunk Roads South West Unit
  • North East Unit Contract
  • TSIC Contract

For more information, please visit the Amey website.

Next Steps

If your business can attend just one event this year, make it Meet the Buyer 2023! All suppliers, especially micro, small and medium sized businesses and social enterprises, are eligible to attend for free and must register an account with SDP to book a place.

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