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100% R&D funding for innovative digital and sensor technology companies.

Companies could receive up to a 100% funded R&D to work with Police Scotland – to develop an integrated technological solution for police custody that can remotely monitor individuals and provide early warning and intervention alert systems.

Successful companies secure 100% funding, retain the IP developed during the competition and have the ability to commercialise the solution in broader markets both at home and abroad.
Up to five winners will secure the initial contracts of £30k to do a feasibility piece and have potential for a larger piece of funding up to £200k to build a prototype to be demonstrated and tested. Scottish Enterprise are supporting this call through funding via the Can Do Innovation Challenge Fund. The funding mechanism is SBRI and the closing date is at the end of March.

Further info on the competition and the background to the organisation need is click here:

There is an info day event for the competition at the Police College in Tulliallan on 4th March where attendees can hear more about the challenge and get a chance for a Q&A with Police Scotland themselves on need and scope, and a representative of NHS Lothians given the digital health angle of the proposal.

Details click here : .

Solutions must be able to:

• allow healthcare professionals to utilise biometrics to carry out remote consultations
• monitor, from single observation point, several people’s health who are located in different geographical locations in Scotland
• indicate whether any potential internal concealment presents clinical risk
• automatically provide a visual and audible alarm or alert function if there are any notable changes to a person’s health to allow for immediate intervention by on-site custody or healthcare staff

Projects that will not be supported:

• Those which do not address remote monitoring
• Covers only “life signs” technology
• Are wearable devices “

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