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Celebrate Cyber Scotland Week by helping you assess your business's Cyber Security

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Did you know 46% of UK businesses and charities reported a cyber-attack this year?

The Scottish Cyber Scotland Week 2022 is taking place this week from the 28 February until 6 March. It is a week-long series of events that aims to make Scottish businesses, organisations, and individuals more cyber aware and resilient.

Cyber Scotland Week has three aims:

  • Protection – Improving cyber resilience knowledge, behaviours, awareness, and practice
  • Innovation – Showcasing innovative work happening across Scotland’s cyber sector
  • Skills and Careers – Promoting skills development and a career in cyber security

For more information on events workshops, or how your business can get involved, please visit the Cyber Scotland Week website.

Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn using the hashtag: #CSW2022

Support from the Supplier Development Programme

The Scottish Government, in partnership with the Supplier Development Programme, is hosting a free Cyber Resilience – helping you meet the requirements of public sector tendering webinar on 1 March. At this training, you will learn about the Cyber Security Procurement Support Tool (CSPST), which is a free resource for Scottish businesses to use. It helps you as a supplier to assess your cyber security needs. The CSPST is also used by public sector buyers to assess the cyber security of bidding suppliers.

Due to the ever-increasing cyber threat, the Scottish public sector is being encouraged to ensure its suppliers have appropriate cyber security in place. Most buyers will be interested in learning how seriously your business takes it cyber security. Using the CSPST can significantly reduce the amount of time spent answering questions on cyber resilience overall, as once you have entered your answers into the CSPST, they be can reused for contracts with the same/similar risk profiles for any public authority using the CSPST.

To find out more, book your free place on the webinar now!

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