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How to sell digital outcomes, specialists and user research services to government on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.

Public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, use the Digital Marketplace to find cloud-based services, specialists who can work on digital projects and physical data centre space. If you want to supply any of these things to government, you need to apply to be on the relevant framework.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework

The public sector can use the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework on the Digital Marketplace to find digital specialists to help them deliver a digital project.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists services include:

  • a digital outcome, e.g. a beta of an NHS appointment booking system

  • digital specialists, e.g. a product manager or developers

  • user research studios

  • user research participants

If you want to sell these services on the Digital Marketplace, you need to apply to Digital Outcomes and Specialists and provide your service details.  The latest contract notice has been issued via the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and suppliers until 19th January 2016 to respond. You can view the notice here.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists is open to suppliers of all sizes. Previously, smaller suppliers may have found it difficult to invest time and resources in the lengthy application process. The simplified application process creates a fairer and more competitive marketplace.

Subcontracting and consortia

Suppliers can work with each other by subcontracting or forming consortia. The supplier guidance and legal documentation includes:

  • the call-off and framework agreement, which cover information on subcontracting

  • the Invitation to Tender (ITT), which provides guidance on forming consortia

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists supplier guide contains all the information about who can apply, and how to apply.

Suppliers should however note that on average a contract notice will be issued every 6 to 9 months and so if you miss this opportunity you can prepare for the next occasion.

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