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Ministry of Defence to host free webinar to help businesses get ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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The Ministry of Defence in conjunction with the British Standards Institute (BSI) is hosting a free webinar on 6 October 2021, to promote Standardization Management and BS202000.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is expected to bring Technological and digitalization advances, that will affect the way people live, work and interact with each other. The advances are expected to be widespread and key in supporting elements identified in helping to deliver them, are standards and Standardization Management.

The Standard is designed to provide a solution for industry to effectively, and in a structured manner, respond to standards in contracts whilst understanding and effectively mitigating related risks and cost overheads. An effective Standardization Management System will:

  • Deliver the benefits of Standardization Management
  • Identify measurable criteria to ensure the effectiveness of the system
  • Instil organisational cultures and behaviours
  • Deliver customer and supplier confidence

The BS 202000 is used to make sure that your business is ready for the fourth Industrial Revolution, by ensuring the appropriate Standardization Management System is in place to aid your organisation, regardless of size or sector.

If you are interested in attending the Ministry of Defence’s webinar on 6 October, please book your place with the Ministry of Defence.

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