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New Framework Agreement Opportunity for Suppliers with Scottish Forestry

Scottish Forestry is looking to award a multi supplier, multi Lot framework agreement for Tree Health Pest and Disease Surveys Scotland. The duration of the framework is 1 June 2020 – 31 May 2024.

The requirement will be divided into four Lots:

Lot 1 - Tree health survey only (Scotland)

Lot 2 - Tree health surveys with ground felling sample trees (North Scotland)

Lot 3 - Tree health surveys with ground felling sample trees (West Scotland)

Lot 4 - Tree health surveys with ground felling sample trees (South Scotland)

Suppliers will be required to undertake ground level field observation of the host species, record specified site details, and include, where suspect symptoms are found, a description and photographs of the symptoms. In some cases samples of plant material may need to be collected and submitted to laboratories for diagnosis. A site specific risk assessment for each site surveyed will be required.

For standard surveys, it is expected that the requirements of each site visit could be undertaken by a surveyor operating on his/her own.

For specified surveys, symptomatic trees will need to be felled to facilitate closer inspection and collection of samples, a minimum of 2 people will be required to complete this task. This work will require 1 of the 2 people completing the survey to be suitably qualified chainsaw operators which includes preparing and maintaining chainsaws, cross cut and stack produce, and be able to fell and process small, medium and large trees.

Potential suppliers interested in this requirement and in attending some training on how to respond and bid for this contract should contact Lynda Collin email: in the first instance.

Background on Scottish Forestry

Scottish Forestry is a new executive agency of the Scottish Government, established under the Forestry and Land Management (Scotland) Act 2018. Led by a Chief Executive directly accountable to Scottish Ministers and the Scottish Parliament. It was established on 01 April 2019. Scottish Forestry (SF) will have the responsibility for the policy, regulatory and support functions previously undertaken by Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS). SF’s functions will also include the new cross-border arrangements that the Scottish Government will be taking the lead for co-ordinating, on behalf of Scotland, England and Wales. These cover management of the UK Forestry Standard and the Woodland Carbon Code as well as the provision of economic advice on forestry.

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