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Public Contracts Scotland - Postbox Storage

Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) wrote to all users December 2018 to advise that, to comply with Scottish Government legal advice in relation to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the sytem will be changing the process for storing documents uploaded to the PCS post box by suppliers.

From 28 August all post box submissions from both successful and unsuccessful suppliers will be deleted 1 year from contract award date.  Once the 1 year deadline is reached, a record of the documents submitted will be maintained for audit purposes but the documents themselves will be removed; if organisations wish to retain these documents for longer, they will have to download them now onto their own records management systems prior to deletion.

PCS will also be performing a cleanse of the historical data for all supplier documents held in the post box where the 1 year deadline has now expired. Prior to this, we are offering organisations the opportunity to download all of their historic supplier submissions in bulk format.

This data will be made available from the 28th June. The Website url will be provided in an email to all Controller Users on the 27th June. The site is only accessible to Controller Users of the PCS website and this Bulk Download function will be available until the 25 of August '19.

Once logged on, you will be able to filter your organisation’s historic post boxes by Year / Month / Type, and bulk download your selection. You will not be able to download more than a year’s worth of post boxes at any one time, and we recommend keeping your download size below 1 GB.

Note, this work relates only to supplier submissions via the PCS post box and does not affect any documents which the buyer has uploaded to PCS.

If you have any queries regarding the function of the Website, please feel free to contact the PCS Support Desk at 0800 222 9003.


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