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RJ McLeod awarded wind farm contract based in South Lanarkshire

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RJ McLeod has been awarded the “balance of plant” contract published by Banks Renewables for work on the Kype Muir Wind Farm Extension Project in South Lanarkshire. RJ McLeod won the contract as part of Banks Renewables “Connect2Renewables” initiative which ensures as much of the investments made in these projects benefits the local community as much as possible.

A lot of RJ McLeod’s workforce is based in Lanarkshire. There will be around 30 RJ McLeod employees directly working on the project, with an additional 50 people employed by subcontractors on the project. In total there will be around 90 jobs created during the construction of the Kype Muir wind farm extension with contract to local suppliers including RJ McLeod reaching £10 million.

The extension will consist of 15 turbines with the potential electricity generation capacity of up to c75MW. This combined with the 26 turbines already on the Kype Muir wind farm, it will produce 155MW of electricity per year. This is enough to power around 112,000 homes.

The companies hope that construction will start in the next couple of weeks, and the project is estimated to be finished by the end of 2022.

The Kype Muir Extension originally formed part of Kype Muir but had to be removed due to a need to undertake further assessment works on the area where turbines were being proposed. The development of the two sites is a flagship development for Banks Renewables and is where the first Community Partnering proposal was launched. The reintroduction of Kype Muir Extension will reinforce and enhance the principles of Community Partnership.

Banks Renewables is part of the Banks Group, a family company founded in 1976, based in Durham and Hamilton, which now employs 300 people in renewable energy, property and surface mining sectors.

Supplier Development Programme

If you would like to hear more about the Kype Muir Wind Farm project and how your business can get involved, RJ McLeod and Banks Group will be giving a presentation at Meet the Buyer on 8 June. The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A to give suppliers a chance to ask any question they may have about the wind farm project.

Book your free place on the Meet the Buyer 2021 event page on the SDP website.

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