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RJ McLeod to begin work on Kype Muir Wind Extension Project

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Just a couple of months after its Kype Muir Wind Farm Extension Project win with Banks Group, RJ McLeod is set to start work and estimates that the wind farm will be generating electricity by the end of 2022.

The project is located 7.5km south of Strathaven in South Lanarkshire, and will become the UK’s first onshore wind farm with 200m tall turbines.

The project will provide a financial boost to local economies, as well as job opportunities for local people, in line with the ethos of community wealth building. For example, there will be around 90 jobs created during the construction of the wind farm extension, with contracts to local suppliers including RJ McLeod reaching £10 million through Banks’ “Connect2Renewables” initiative, which pledges to maximise the social, economic and environmental benefits of its schemes in surrounding communities. RJ McLeod will directly employ around 30 people on the project, with approximately another 50 people performing various roles, employed by subcontractors on the project.

A new community partnership agreement linked to the Kype Muir Wind Farm extension scheme is also expected to deliver around £10 million in community funding for local projects and groups around the local area over the site’s 30 year life.

Added to the current Kype Muir Wind Farm benefits fund, there will be around £770,000 available to support community groups and voluntary organisations and environmental projects every year the sites are operational.

This is not the first time Banks Group and RJ McLeod have worked together. The two companies worked together on the original Kype Muir Wind Farm and the nearby Middle Muir Wind Farm.

Support from the Supplier Development Programme

RJ McLeod recently presented during SDP’s national Meet the Buyer event on 8 June, where it conducted supplier engagement along with Banks Groups. The companies imparted supply chain information about the upcoming Kype Muir Wind Farm project, and interacted with suppliers through a live Q&A session. The full presentation from RJ McLeod and Banks Group is available on the SDP YouTube Channel.

Find out more about the Kype Muir Wind Farm Extension Project by reading SDP’s previous blog on RJ McLeod.

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