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Scottish Enterprise Open Innovation Challenges for SMES to develop future technologies and solutions

The Scottish Enterprise Open Innovation programme has launched a challenge channel which is increasing demand for innovative solutions in response to solving a range of business problems.

Through support to 13 companies and public sector organisations the team have been collaboratively working to design and launch a series of ‘Innovation Challenges’ for Scottish SMEs who are invited to come forward with expertise, knowledge, fresh thinking and ideas. Both large and small companies are being encouraged to get involved to reap the benefits which include sharing risk and reward, collaboration, making new connections, growing profits and gaining a competitive edge.

Scottish Enterprise is also working in partnership with Innovate UK and a range of public sector organisations to support a series of innovation challenges currently faced by the UK's public sector.  Through this programme, we are assisting with accessing funding of up to £100,000 to test an idea, and up to £2 million or more to develop or demonstrate solutions in the field.

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