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Scottish Government Extends Telephony Services DPS: Are you tender ready?

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Scottish Government Procurement has extended the duration of its Telephony Services Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) by 18 months and it is now due to expire on 24 December 2021. The DPS has been very successful with over 20 Invitations to Tender issued to suppliers through it to date.

The DPS operates in a similar way to a framework; however, it is an electronic process and suppliers can apply to join the DPS at any time because the contract notice will remain open throughout the lifetime of the DPS. Suppliers that wish to join should register with PCS and PCS-Tender and then follow the instructions on the contract notice. The Supplier Development Programme is running a webinar, Using PCS and Other Portals on 30 March 2020, which can help Scottish SMEs and supported businesses to become "tender ready."

More information on the Telephony Services DPS can be found by visiting the Scottish Procurement website. SDP also has several resources for SME suppliers, including a jargon buster, downloadable policy templates, and information on the ESPD, which can be accessed by logging in to the SDP website.

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