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Social Security Scotland has posted a guest blog on the Scottish Government's website to discuss contract work with supported businesses, one of which is a member of the Supplier Development Programme.

Social Security Scotland recently used the Scottish Government's Supported Business Framework to invite supported businesses to bid on the framework to support the interior design and fit-out of its offices in Glasgow and Dundee.

Dovetail Enterprise, a furniture manufacture that offers training and job opportunities to people with disabilities, in Dundee and City Building, which work with a manufacturing facility at Royal Strathclyde BlindCraft Industries to support employment opportunities for disabled people, in Glasgow was invited bid to on the framework and won contracts estimated around £2 million to supply office furniture such as tables, chairs and desks.

The Supplier Development Programme (SDP) has previously featured a case study on Dovetail Enterprise as it is a member of the Programme. The organisation has actively participated in the entire range of free training and courses. Plus, attending SDP-organised events, such as Meet the Buyer events, the Glasgow City Region City Deal supplier event and the City of Edinburgh Council’s Meet the “Real” Buyer event. For Dovetail, SDP’s training was valuable because it raised awareness of the importance of correct and detailed submissions, including full specification, and highlighted the pitfalls to avoid, as well as the differences between different threshold opportunities and types of contracts.

Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing was also awarded a £50,000 contract to produce bespoke signs for Social Security Scotland’s new offices. The manufacturer employs people adjusting to life when they leave the military.

Social Security Scotland believes that its spend on goods and services will continue to increase, as it continues to grow. Dignity, fairness and respect will remain central to its decision making when spending public money. The organisation will continue to use the Scottish Government’s Supported Business Framework when appropriate.

Support from the Supplier Development Programme

If you are interested in bidding for public sector contracts, Scottish SMEs and Supported Businesses can register to attend a range of SDP's free training and events, whether you have little or no experience of tendering and are often too small to have dedicated bid/tender resources to contemplate bidding for public sector contracts.

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