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SPA Seeks SMEs for WH2 Dynamic Purchasing System

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Construction procurement specialist Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA) is seeking suppliers to carry out refurbishment and improvement works on housing stock held by local authorities and housing associations. SPA is particularly interested in attracting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. To support open and transparent procurement practices, the Supplier Development Programme is promoting this opportunity to all Scottish-based SMEs and supported businesses.

For this, SPA is establishing a Dynamic Purchasing System for the works (SPA WH2 DPS), which requires contractors to complete the standard European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) to identify their specific work expertise and preferred geographical location. The DPS will complement the WH2 Framework.

Companies meeting the requirements of the ESPD will be appointed to the SPA WH2 DPS and can bid for work from local authorities and housing associations in their particular geographic location. Interested contractors can apply via Public Contracts Scotland.

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