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Supplier Development Programme champions update to PCS Supplier Finder Profile

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Public Contracts Scotland, the Scottish Government's official national portal for public sector contract opportunities, has updated options on the Supplier Finder Profile from what was previously a "public" or "private" button to an option for suppliers to "publish" and "unpublish" their profiles. This minor change, which provides increased clarity for all public sector suppliers, is a direct result of feedback from suppliers through the Supplier Development Programme.

Gillian Cameron, SDP Scotland Programme Manager, said:

"The Supplier Development Programme champions small businesses in Scotland, and we listen to feedback given at our events and training.

"SDP recognised that the status button function on the PCS supplier finder profile wasn't clear to suppliers, and addressing this issue has long been part of SDP's "Top Tips for Tendering" complemented by step-by-step instructions on how suppliers can ensure the appropriate option is ticked. Through our work on the Scottish Government Procurement Supply Group, we initiated positive discussions with the Scottish Government's PCS team which has resulted in this welcome update to make the status options on the Supplier Finder Profile clearer."

"The Supplier Development Programme will be championing this change to suppliers during all of our upcoming free training and events."

PCS Update Supplier Finder Profile

SDP's "Top Tips for Tendering" Updated Advice for Suppliers: Ensure that your Supplier Finder Profile is filled in and "Publish" is selected, before selecting Save.

The Supplier Finder Profile needs to be populated and published to enable Public Sector Buyers in Scotland to invite potential suppliers to bid for Quick Quotes. Once your Supplier Finder Profile is complete, ensure that you select "Publish" to become visible to, and searchable by, potential Buyers on PCS.

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