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Supplier Development Programme welcomes inclusion in Scottish Government Economic Action Plan

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The Supplier Development Programme welcomes the inclusion of its training and support services in the 2019-20 Economic Action Plan released by the Scottish Government.

Public procurement is one of the key areas of enterprise the Scottish Government focuses on, and has a public spend of over £11 billion per year. As a result, there are vast opportunities for SMEs become involved in procurement. The Sustainable Procurement Duty also requires public bodies to consider SMEs in any buying process.

The Supplier Development Programme welcomes the Scottish Government's continued commitment to funding and support for the Programme within the Economic Action Plan. This support for SDP allows the Programme to organise training and events to support SMEs to improve their capability to bid for tenders with the ultimate goal of winning a fair share of public sector contracts. The Economic Action Plan describes the Supplier Development Programme as, "helping local supply chains to maximise contracting and sub-contracting opportunities."

Gillian Cameron, Supplier Development Programme Manager, said:

"We welcome the Scottish Government's inclusion of the Supplier Development Programme in the Economic Action Plan.

"The Sustainable Procurement Duty requires that public sector buyers take serious consideration of SMEs in all buying processes, but it is often the case that SMEs have no previous training or specialist staff in tendering. In becoming a member of the Supplier Development Programme, which is uniquely positioned to fill the knowledge and skills gap in tendering for SMEs and Third Sector businesses, public sector buyers and Tier 1 contractors can work with us to break down perceived barriers and make a meaningful contribution to a more open, connected and inclusive bidding process for public sector work.

"The training provided to Scottish SMEs by the Supplier Development Programme gives them the skills, and what we see as equally important, the real confidence to become involved in the bidding process up and down the country. With the Scottish Government's continued backing, and working in conjunction with local authorities and our other members, we aim to provide this invaluable service for many more SMEs to come, and further enhance the public procurement marketplace in Scotland."

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