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East Lothian LogoEast Lothian Council has published a Contract Notice on Public Contracts Scotland (PCS), seeking a contractor for the Inspection and Testing of Fall Arrest Equipment & Associated Works.

The Term Maintenance Contract will require the successful bidder to undertake Term Maintenance Contract For Fall Arrest Equipment & Associated Works, which include the following:

  1. Planned Inspection/Testing Of Roof Anchors.
  2. Planned Inspection/Testing Of Fall Arrest/Man Safe Systems/Latchway Systems.
  3. Planned Inspection/Testing Of Lanyards.
  4. Planned Inspection/Testing Of Ladder Ties/Eyebolts.
  5. Planned Inspection/Testing Of Fixed Ladder Systems.
  6. Planned Inspection/Testing Of Fixed Ladder Hooks.
  7. Planned Inspection/Testing Of Window Eyebolts.
  8. Planned Inspection/Testing Of Guardrails/Edge Protection.
  9. Planned Inspection/Testing Of Metal Walkways.
  10. Reactive Maintenance/Remedial Works Associated With Items 1-9 Above.
  11. Planned Inspections Of Chimneys.
  12. Reactive Maintenance/Remedial Works Of Chimneys.
  13. Planned Inspection/Testing Of Lightning Conductor Systems.
  14. Reactive Maintenance/Remedial Works Of Lightning Conductor Systems
  15. Planned Inspection/Testing Of Building Mounted Flag Poles.
  16. Reactive Maintenance/Remedial Works Of Building Mounted Flag Poles.

The anticipated duration of the 'Term Maintenance Contract for Fall Arrest Equipment & Associated Works' Contract is 36 months. 

Interested bidders must submit their tender or request to participate before the deadline, 8 May 2024. 

Want to learn more and/or record your interest? View the full Contract Notice on Public Contracts Scotland (PCS). 

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