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The City of Edinburgh Council invites suppliers of temporary accommodation to SDP training

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The City of Edinburgh Council has announced a temporary accommodation flexible purchasing system contract opportunity. The Council is looking to establish a flexible purchasing system for temporary accommodation, this opportunity will be long-term with the aim to increase Edinburgh’s capacity for temporary accommodation.

The City of Edinburgh Council requires accommodation and associated services which are tailored to residents' needs, can adapt by flexing capacity whilst having a focus on value for money and allows continued change and improvement. The purchasing system will comprise of Categories, each specifying the type of accommodation and services required.

The contract will have multi-supplier Lots, the Lot structure is as follows:

  • Lot 1 is to provide temporary accommodation with access to visiting support if required by residents. This category is designed to provide accommodation, through various types of accommodation to households who are assessed as homeless.
  • Lot 2 the category is designed to provide accommodation with access to residential support. The level of support required may vary per sub-category.
  • Lot 3 is to provide emergency accommodation with access to visiting support. However, this category will not be open for application initially. If there is not enough temporary accommodation to meet demand, the Council will seek to procure emergency accommodation. This would be suitable for B&Bs, Guest Houses, and Hotels.

  • Lot 4 is to provide housing support, advice and support services. This will encompass a range of support services for those in temporary accommodation or threatened by homelessness. The requirement is mainly for support and advice services however may include elements of accommodation.

The system will be similar to a Dynamic Purchasing System but will operate with greater flexibility.

The estimated date of publication is 31 March 2021. Interested suppliers are asked to note interest on The City of Edinburgh Council’s Prior Information Notice (PIN) on the Public Contracts Scotland website in advance.

Support from the Supplier Development Programme

Local micro, small and medium sized businesses can access free training with SDP Scotland to prepare for this opportunity. The Council will be using the PCS-Tender online portal to run and manage the opportunity. Suppliers interested in this opportunity are invited to attend SDP’s free Talking Tenders with The City of Edinburgh Council – Temporary Accommodation webinar on 23 February 2021. Other free training which may be of interest to Scottish SMEs and supported businesses is SDP's Using PCS and Other Portals course.

Next Steps

Suppliers interested in potentially bidding for The City of Edinburgh Council's future Temporary Accommodation Flexible Purchasing System contact opportunity are asked to note interest on the local authority’s Prior Information Notice (PIN) on the Public Contracts Scotland website.

Suppliers should also register for free tender training and support on the Supplier Development Programme’s website.

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