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Scottish Government announces a new Strategic Framework for a Cyber Resilient Scotland

The Scottish Government has announced a new strategic framework for a Cyber Resilient Scotland. It builds on Scotland's first cyber resilience strategy: Safe, Secure and Prosperous. The new strategy will expand on the achievements of the previous, and address on-going and new challenges. Ultimately, enabling the Scottish Government and it partners to achieve their vision of Scotland thriving by being a digitally secure and resilient nation.

Scotland is a nation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Although small, they can be a vital part of the wider supply chain across sectors. Many are likely to be less aware of their exposure to cyber threats and have reduced ability to invest in cyber security skills and services than larger organisations. Some simply don’t see it as a priority business or organisational risk. Often cyber-attacks are untargeted and any organisation can fall victim. The impact on SMEs can be significant. Indeed, smaller businesses are often seen as the most vulnerable point in the supply chain. It is clear that cyber-attacks are a risk for any business with a digital footprint. Moreover, there is a commercial advantage in a business positioning itself as being cyber resilient in its operation, its provision of good and services and in the protection of data and information.

The Scottish Government is hoping that this framework will allow businesses to have knowledge and awareness of risk and threats of cyber attacks. As well as, support them with access to guidance, tools and resources, understanding policy and processes, learning and skills to become more cyber resilient.

Read the full Strategic Framework for a Cyber Resilient Scotland on the Scottish Government website.

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