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Thousands of SMe’s could be missing out on Quick Quote Opportunities

Public_Contracts_Scotland_LogoThe Supplier Development Programme (SDP)–Scotland’s free tender training service for SMe’s believe that many businesses are unaware how to properly use the Public Contracts Scotland website to maximise their chances of participating in contract opportunities.

Public Contracts Scotland is the national advertising website for Scottish public sector organisations to post their contract opportunities. It also allows contracting authorities to invite suppliers to submit online quotations.  In order to be invited to submit a quote, suppliers must ensure that not only have they registered on , but also need to complete their supplier profile and make sure it is set to “public” to ensure that buyers can find them.

Gillian Cameron, SDP Programme Manager said

with contracting authorities regularly using the online quote service to source suppliers for lower-value contracts (typically £50,000 or less) , SMe’s need to be aware of the importance of correctly completing their supplier profile to be visible to the buying community”


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