Transport Scotland: Zero Emission Train Project

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Scottish Enterprise and Transport Scotland are supporting a Zero Emission Train Project that includes the full integrated design, installation of hydrogen fuel cell electric drivetrain and demonstration of the train in Scotland. The University of St Andrews is managing the procurement of this phase of project delivery and has posted a PIN on Public Contracts Scotland for "Eden Campus - Design, Installation and Demonstration of Hydrogen Train."

The overall project has six key objectives:

1. Prove that in Scotland we have the capability of modifying an existing item of rolling stock to install hydrogen fuel cell (FC), batteries, control equipment etc

2. Working with the regulatory bodies, develop the necessary standards and controls for the use of hydrogen FC power on passenger rolling stock

3. Inform the passenger rail policy for Independently Powered Multiple Unit use on the Scottish passenger rail network in advance of the zero emission requirement for 2035 on Scotland’s passenger railway

4. Demonstrate to the Team Scotland rail community through practical application the operation of hydrogen FC passenger rolling stock

5. Provide the supply chain with the opportunity to develop their skills and advance their knowledge of the application of hydrogen FC technology on passenger rolling stock including hydrogen supply and refuelling infrastructure

6. Provide educational institutions with the opportunity to develop their skills and advance their knowledge of the application of hydrogen FC technology in the rail industry

Abstract on Public Contracts Scotland

Over the course of 12 months – completion of full integrated design, first generation drivetrain installed and demonstration of the train in Scotland off Network Rail infrastructure in rail yard or moved elsewhere e.g. a preserved railway line / non-mainline track. This will allow an assessment to be undertaken that any modifications do not present risks to the operational railway. During this time, if the requirements are that it will eventually run on Network Rail infrastructure, this can be stage 3 of the project as this will be a project in its own right.

Additional Information

All tenders for the University of St Andrews are administered through its eTendering System (InTend).To express an interest, please go to the tender website at

Please note that 'Notes of Interest' placed via PCS (Public Contracts Scotland) are not automatically accepted.

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