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West Lothian Council Seeks SMEs for Trades Contractors Framework

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West Lothian Council is seeking suppliers for a Trades Contractors Framework. The Framework draws together building contracting service requirements specifically from Property Services, Housing, Customer and Building Services, and Operational Services; however, for the avoidance of doubt, the framework agreement may be used by any department of West Lothian Council including educational establishments.

The Framework Agreement is expected to run for 3 years, from 1 February 2022 with an option to extend for up to a further 12 months. The framework will be published on Public Contract Scotland – Tender (PCS-T) and future mini competitions published on Public Scotland Contract Scotland (PCS) Quick Quotes system.

Framework Lots

Lots 1 – 15 are for individual trades and Lot 16 is for Multi Trades

The framework will have the following 16 Lots:

Lot 1 - Bricklayer & Stone Mason

Lot 2 – Minor Civils

Lot 3 – Electrician

Lot 4 – Tiling (Floor & Wall)

Lot 5 – Flooring (Vinyl / Gym Vinyl / Timer)

Lot 6 – Glazing (Supply & Install)

Lot 7 - Joiner

Lot 8 – Painter

Lot 9 – Plasterer

Lot 10 – Plumber

Lot 11 – Roofing (All types)

Lot 12 – Roughcasting

Lot 13 – Suspended Ceiling (All / Electrical)

Lot 14 – Cleaning (Fire / Flood / Needle Sweep)

Lot 15 – Fencing & Blacksmiths

Lot 16 - Multi Trades (including preservation works)


Pricing is based on the National Schedule of Rates with plus or minus percentages. All prices included in the tender submission will be deemed to be for a minimum of 12 months. An annual price increase will be allowed as detailed in the documentation on Public Contracts Scotland.

How the Framework will be Used

Lots 1 – 15 of the Framework will be awarded to the top 3 winning suppliers and Lot 16 of the Framework will be awarded to the top 5 winning suppliers. The framework will be used via Direct Call Offs or Mini Competitions, using the Schedule of Rates agreed between WLC and the Supplier as a guidance. Suppliers may tender for more than one Lot, but in doing so, will be required to provide the relevant information per each Lot.

  • Direct Call Off
    • WLC anticipate Direct Call Off for projects up to £100k construction value (£250K for Lot 16).
    • If the project construction value is below £100,000 for Lots 1-15 or £250K for Lot 16, a direct call off can be made.
    • The first ranked supplier will be contacted to see if they can provide the service in the timescale required. If they are unable the second supplier will be contacted, then the third if the first and second are unable to service the requirement and so on. The supplier will be given a description of the works and timescale and be asked to confirm the cost for this work.
    • If all suppliers on the framework lot are unable to service the requirement, quotes for work can be obtained from other contractors out with the framework in line with Standing Order Procurement Financial Thresholds.
  • Mini Competition
    • WLC anticipate Mini Competitions for projects over £100k construction value for Lots 1-15 and (£250K for Lot 16).
    • All Contractors on a Lot will be invited to tender for Mini Competitions.
    • New technical questions may be used to assess quality score for each mini competition on any particular project. If no questions are asked the framework winning score will be reused.
    • Non-Evaluated Community Benefits will be requested for each individual mini competition.


West Lothian Council would like to reach out to all suppliers including Scottish SMEs, third sector and supported businesses to participate and tender for the Trades Contractors Framework, and who meet the necessary requirements.

To do so, suppliers must ensure they are registered with the PCS-Tender and Public Contracts Scotland Quick Quote services, which will enable the supplier to bid for the Lot(s) they are interested in. All of these services have free registration and are free to use.

  • PCS-Tender allows potential suppliers to submit their details in advance of any tendering activity to reduce future tendering effort.
  • Public Contracts Scotland Quick Quote allows you to register your company against multiple categories and the resulting profile will be available to any public sector organisation reviewing the system to identify potential suppliers for a given requirement.

Support for Scottish SMEs, Third Sector and Supported Businesses

Both PCS and PCS-Tender allow suppliers to complete profiles and save your Single Procurement Document (SPD) answers.

Suppliers interested in bidding for this Framework are encouraged to attend Using Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) - How to Find and Bid for Opportunities as a free webinar tomorrow, 10 November 2021. During training, suppliers will be given access to ask questions to our expert trainers, and have them answered, which is particularly useful for suppliers who have not bid before. Alternatively, this course on Using PCS as well as a short course on Quick Quotes Made Easy can both be accessed on demand through eLearning.

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