How do I bid for a Quick Quote?

We are often asked by suppliers, “How do I bid for a Quick Quote?” The short answer is that you can’t – but through the Supplier Development Programme, you can take the first steps to understanding what a Quick Quote is, and how you can improve your chances of being invited to bid for a Quick Quote.

A Quick Quote is an online facility to request prices or a quotation. It is used to obtain competitive quotes for low value/low risk procurement exercises, or procurement mini competitions within framework agreements, from suppliers that are registered on the PCS website.

Only suppliers that are selected by the buyer to quote can access the details of the quote and submit a quote.

You will greatly increase your chances of being invited to provide a Quick Quote if the buyer:

  • Can find you via the Supplier Finder function on PCS – Complete your Supplier Finder profile and set it to "Publish"
  • Tick the SME box to inform the buyer that you are, in fact, a SME.
  • The buyer is aware of your business offerings – networking is the key, so be sure to attend local Meet the Buyer and Meet the Real Buyer events throughout the year.
  • Attend SDP’s Meet the Buyer and Meet the Buyer North events each year.

Finally, SDP offers free training on Quick Quotes by webinar, so be sure to book “Quick Quotes Made Easy” to learn everything you want to know about the process.

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