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Have you ever considered supplying business goods and services to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde?

Each region of Scotland has a Health Board with its own procurement department. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) is the largest Health Board in Scotland and spends around £660m with third-party providers. NHSGGC is working in partnership with the Supplier Development Programme to increase diversity within its supply chain.

What does working with the NHSGGC mean for a local business in Scotland?

NHSGGC wants to diversify its supply chain and attract a wider audience of suppliers to bid on its contracts. NHSGGC will be working in partnership with the SDP to host a range of tender training and bespoke aligned training events, to raise awareness and get suppliers ‘tender ready’ for future contract opportunities. There will also be a range of resources, tools, and guidance on how you can work with NHSGGC.

My businesses is not in the health sector, so why should I get involved?

You might be thinking, "This sounds interesting, but there won’t be any opportunities for my business within the supply chain because our business isn't in the health sector."

It is a myth that a business needs to be in the health sector to supply to a Health Board! NHSGGC doesn’t just procure medical supplies; the organisation is seeking suppliers for goods, works, and services from anything such as paper shredding to painting and decorating to the rental of beds and mattresses.

Is my business too small to supply to NHSGGC?

No business is too small to supply to the public sector. NHSGGC is particularly interested in connecting with social enterprises, social firms, and other supported employment initiatives.

Local businesses of any size, particularly those that may be owned or led by women, minority, disabled and LGBTQ+ individuals, are welcome to get involved in upcoming tendering opportunities with NHSGGC.

How do I get involved?

An initial Talking Tenders with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde online webinar event is organised for 26 May 2022, but there will be additional opportunities to engage. Registration is free and open to all. Please keep an eye on the SDP Events calendar for future events with the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

If you have any questions, please contact SDP via email at info@sdpscotland.co.uk.

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