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Further Extension to the Scottish Government's Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Internet of Things (IoT)

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The Scottish Government is extending its collaborative Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Internet of Things (IoT) for a further 18 months until 3 March 2023. The DPS will remain open for new suppliers to apply to join. However, existing suppliers that are currently on the DPS do not need to re-apply and will remain on the DPS.

The main purpose of IoT is to collect and exchange data to create value. IoT is a system of physical objects or things, embedded with sensors, software, electronics and connectivity to enable improvements in performance by exchanging information or data with other connected devices over the internet which can generate useful information. Public sector organisations can make use of this data directly or via analytics tools to allow timely decisions and actions to be taken. The original contract notice was published in July 2019.

Support from the Supplier Development Programme

Due to the increase in the cyber threat, security is an important aspect of this IoT arrangement. The Supplier Development Programme will be hosting a webinar on 21 July 2021 on behalf of Scottish Government on the Cyber Security Procurement Support Tool (CSPST) Decision Making Support Tool which is used by public sector buyers to assess the cyber security of bidding suppliers. The webinar is available to all Scottish SMEs, you can get your free ticket on the Cyber Security Procurement Support Tool - supplier training event page.

Gillian Cameron, Programme Manager at the Supplier Development Programme said “Once entered into CSPST, your answers can be re-used for contracts with the same (or similar) risk profiles for any public authority using CSPST. This can help significantly reduce the amount of time spent answering questions on cyber resilience overall. I strongly recommended that potential suppliers attend this free webinar to understand how to use the tool”.

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