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Supplier Development Programme

Welcome to the Supplier Development Programme

Welcome to the Supplier Development Programme (SDP), a local authority partnership programme established to offer small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to grow and diversify through procurement.

With a public sector spend of over £9 billion, the SDP aims to assist SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) improve their performance in winning contracts with public sector organisations. We offer information, support and training events to help unravel the tendering process.

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What attendees have to say about our events

Is the public sector for you?

"I thought the workshop was excellent in getting across that the procurement process can be done by all companies and not as scary as first thought."

"The workshop and trainer were very knowledgeable, clear, engaging and entertaining in helping me understand public procurement."

Find it Win it Keep it

"Explanation of requirements and feedback on PQQ were excellent as was clarification on the essentials of the tendering process. Really liked the entire programme, it was very informative."

"Great Council procurement overview, It gave me the opportunity to ask questions and get a better understanding of the system."

Maximise your tender score

"The most enlightening part was looking at tactics, getting them right and looking at it from clients eyes."

"Positive actions I will now take into my business are identify targets, reviewing buyers on PCS, and revisit PQQ profile on PCS to get some experience."

Value Add and Innovation

"Our actions as a result of today’s event is to review our process for completing PQQ's and tenders so we can use additional information to increase our scoring."

"The workshop included many practical ways of including value add and innovation and tenders which we can now use."

Expanding your procurement horizons

"I learned how to access websites that will help broaden our customer base and what we need to include."

"The event was a very positive experience allowing us to network with others and explore the developments of the public sector tendering process."

Tendering Together

"Gained a better understanding and different models of consortium bids and how to research potential partners."

"This workshop has given us knowledge as to how to submit a collaborative tender and help us prepare more targeted tenders."

Policy Workshops

"Policy writing aspect was straightforward and easy to understand."

"Covered all areas and highlighted key reference points and good areas highlighted for documentation."

Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Events Calendar
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Events Calendar

Make Connections

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