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Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) Innovation Notices and Guidance
Tuesday 18 June 2024, 10.30am-12:00pm
Webinar Partner Event
Scottish Government has added new functionality to Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) titled - Preliminary Market Consultation notice, Pre-commercial Procurement notice and Pre-commercial procurement Award notices. In addition to a Supplier Collaboration tool and a Research register
2.2 How to Write Outstanding Tenders - The Invitation to Tender (ITT) Stage
Wednesday 19 June 2024, 10.30am-12:00pm
Bidding is all about getting the right words on the page and getting a compliant bid submitted on time. This webinar will demonstrate how to use PCS and PCS-T and will also look at how to construct excellent responses to buyers' questions.
Talking Tenders with GCC HSPC
Thursday 20 June 2024, 10.00-11:30am
Webinar Partner Event
HSCP want to meet a wide variety of providers to understanding more about what would help you to bid for and deliver social care contracts in Glasgow. Join us to hear from colleagues within Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership as they discuss upcoming contracts and explain how suppliers can prepare to bid for these in the future. They will also share information with us regarding commissioning priorities, the Market Facilitation Plan and the HSCP approach to collaborative and ethical commissioning.
2.3 Understanding and Bidding - Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)
Thursday 27 June 2024, 1.30-3:00pm
New Frameworks are an integral part of public procurement and can be a lucrative source of business, but it’s essential to understand the Agreement. This workshop explains the types of frameworks available and what you can expect from them.
2.4 Improving Your Bid Score - Increase Your Tender Win Rate
Tuesday 2 July 2024, 10.30am-12:00pm
Getting the highest possible score in your bid is essential to winning a contract, but it can be difficult to know exactly what the buyer is looking for. This webinar provides an insight into the buyers’ needs and expectations to ensure you win points.
2.5 Responding to Tender Policy Requirements - Power of Procurement
Tuesday 9 July 2024, 10.30am-12:00pm
In addition to legal policy requirements like health and safety, this webinar will help your business understand and action social issues that are prioritised in Scotland's public sector such as Net Zero, Community Wealth Building and Fair Work, and provide the most up-to-date policies in your bids.
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1.2 Using Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) – How to Find and Bid for Opportunities
Wednesday 10 July 2024, 10.30am-12:00pm
Join this webinar to learn everything you need to know about Public Contracts Scotland, the national public sector tender portal for Scotland.
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